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Established in 2002, S3 Architecture is a full-service architectural firm providing a broad range of clients with excellence in design, technical, and administrative services. S3 works with projects ranging from residential to commercial to institutional. Every project, large or small, is approached with thoughtful, creative design solutions that meet and exceed the wishes of our clients while adhering to strict schedules and budgetary guidelines. S3 Architecture's talented and dedicated staff devotes itself to meeting these challenges in each project with superior results.

Our Mission
  • To provide excellence in design, customer service, and experience through creative, technologically innovative, and environmentally responsible design solutions.

  • To foster a symbiotic relationship with architectural academia by maintaining our intellectual curiosity and rigor and by educating aspiring professionals through teaching, mentoring, and internships.

  • To engage with our local and global communities in a spirit of benevolence and humility to offer professional design services for the betterment of the human condition.

Licenses & Certifications
State Licenses
  • Steven Schneemann is nationally certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) for reciprocal licensure in all 50 states as well as Canada.

  • Holds current licenses in the following 14 states:

    • Mississippi, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey​, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin


NCARB Certified   •   LEED Accredited Professional 


Master Planning   •   Interior Design/Space Planning   •   Real Estate Feasability


New Construction   •   Design/Build   •   Additions/Renovations

Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Working with S3 Architecture hasn't been "work", its been an extremely pleasing relationship laced with creative ideas, good give-and-take dialogue, and the unfolding of a wonderful joint venture between us and the architectural firm, a very positive experience.

Joanne Mcshane [City of Farmington Councilperson] and Dr. William Nutting

Farmington Hills, Michigan

It has been a pleasure working with an architect who can understand and develop a design concept from individuals who sometimes cannot communicate their vision. S3 was instrumental in the development of a facility that is functional, beautiful and we are very proud of. Our addition, which is still in the pre-construction stage, has also been designed with our company's needs translated perfectly.

Linda L. Sourvelis [Facilities Manager - DELMIA Corp HQ]

Auburn Hills, Michigan

S3 architecture is knowledgeable, experienced, and deeply committed to their clients. We recently worked with them on a project and were delighted with their work. They are flexible, creative, and extremely professional.

Kirk Schneemann [Frontline Church Lead Pastor]

Ann Arbor, Michigan

A major key to our success has been your ability to understand and react to our facility needs and the good communication between architect and owner. It has been a privilege to interface with Steven Schneemann. Steve's attention to detail and architectural knowledge has resulted in a facility that will serve our needs now and for many years to come. 

Steve Skaglin [Oak Pointe Church Building Committee Chair]

Novi, Michigan

We quickly discovered that Steve was a very skilled architect with a special sensitivity to the unique needs that we face as a resident Bible school in an isolated area of a third world country. He very quickly adapted the working drawings to the style of existing buildings on campus and in the area, taking into account as well the materials that we have available. After completing the plans for the new dorm, he provided a detailed Master Plan for our 10-acre campus based on the results of the engineers survey. He has also furnished us with the full plans for the new kitchen and dining room for serving up to 200 people – now in full use, as well as the plans for a 6,600 gallon water tower which is now nearing completion (it will also serve as an "icon" on the campus due to the very attractive design). He visited the campus again in December, 2005 to update the Master Plan, as well as to begin the drawings for the new 2-story library (the working plans are now nearing completion).

It has been a special joy for us to work with Steve as he has been very willing to help us work through the list of needs for each building in order to come up with structures that will meet our present requirements as well as provide for future growth.

Martin & Charlotte Jacobson [Patagonian Bible Institute Director]

Chabut-Patagonia, Argentina

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